8-Year-Old Bridge Prodigy Becomes World’s Youngest “Life Master”


In a game typically dominated by retirees, one California kid is bridging the generation gap.

Eight-year-old Andrew Chen of San Jose was granted the title of Life Master by the American Contract Bridge League. He is now the youngest bridge player ever to gain the title.

Earning the Masterpoints

The League, which is the world’s largest organization dedicated to bridge playing, said it typically takes players decades to rack up the 500 masterpoints required of the Life Master title. But Andrew was able to earn his points in only two years. The bridge prodigy earned his masterpoints by partaking in local games and frequently playing online.

Andrew achieved his final points toward the Life Master title on May 27, only days after his eighth birthday. On May 27, he gained is 500th masterpoint in an online game hosted by Think Slam, a Palo Alto bridge club.

“I’m totally thrilled,” Andrew said. “I feel like my hard work has paid off, and I want to thank everyone who helped getting me there.”

Another Day Another Award

Becoming a Life Master is just the latest of Andrew’s long list of bridge achievements. In 2019, the American Contract Bridge League named him their Rookie of the Year. Also in 2019, he and his 10-year-old brother Charlie won the Art Weinstein Trophy Pairs Event at the San Mateo County Selection Tournament.

Like a Puzzle

Most people don’t think of bridge as a young person’s game, but Andrew would disagree. To him, the draw of bridge is piecing together the elements like a puzzle.

“Every bridge hand is like a puzzle to solve,” the 8-year-old champ said. “I like working things out.”