9-Year-Old Boy Awarded Presidential Honor for Hand-Washing Machine


Kenya is honoring a 9-year-old inventor this week for his innovative work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephen Wamukota, the industrious lad who was honored by the Presidential Order of Service Uzalendo Award, invented a hand-washing machine designed to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. He was among 68 Kenyans who were given the honor this week by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Each recipient somehow contributed to the fight against the pandemic.

The innovative hand-washing machine is touch-free and is operated with a foot pedal that triggers water and soap to be dispensed. The creative design saves users from having to touch any part of the machine that could be contaminated by the virus.

The 9-year-old visionary behind the device said he was inspired by watching his neighbors struggle to wash their hands without touching objects they may have previously touched with their unwashed fingers.

The machine, which Stephen built with his father’s help, cost less than $30 in materials to build. Check out the contraption at work in the video below!