Greek Places To See, Things To Do


If Greek mythology fascinated you as a child, you’ve probably fantasized about visiting Greece at some point. Whether you want to view the ancient ruins, wander the historic museums, or behold the seas that heroes once sailed, there is so much to see in this enchanting country. Some sites will bring you back in time, while others will remind you just how far Greece has come.


You won’t want to miss the stunning beauty of this seaside paradise surrounded by crystal-blue waters. This ultimate beach town is located on Greece’s northwest coast, where the architecture is arranged in the shape of an amphitheater. Take time to visit the olive oil factory or to explore the Venetian Castle of Parga.


Santorini is one of thousands of islands that surround Greece’s mainland, known for its clubs, bars, and beaches. If the hip crowd in Greece’s other party capital, Mykonos, isn’t quite your style, head south to Santorini, which feels a little more grown-up and a lot more romantic. (Think wine and dancing instead of shots and grinding).

You can reach this gorgeous isle by flying from Athens or by taking the ferry. But if you want to up the romantic ante, consider renting your own yacht for a private trip with your special someone. After all, it’s not a romantic getaway if you’re packed on a ferry with other romantic getaway-ers.


To get a taste of culture and to see some inimitable ancient artifacts, you’ll need to spend some time in Athens—the city where it all started. Greece’s capital city has served as the backdrop for so many of western civilization’s most important developments, from the invention of modern theater to the dawn of modern democracy.

And if partying at the beach isn’t quite your thing, Athens has you covered with over 40 museums, regaling the rich history and the unique artwork of Greece’s past.

Mount Olympus

There is no shortage of great hiking in Greece, but nothing comes close to Mount Olympus. In ancient mythology, Olympus was the remote home of the gods. These days, mere mortals can climb the 9,570-foot mountain themselves, seeking out the spirits of those fabled deities.

Of course, the path to Zeus’ throne is is no ordinary day on the trails. It takes two days of rigorous hiking to get to the summit of Mount Olympus. There are a variety of paths to take up the mountain, some which require gear while others require only that you are in good physical shape. How else do you think those Greek gods got their rock-hard figures?


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Greece, head to Delos. This abandoned island is one giant archaeological site. Great structures that were built centuries ago are now survived only by pillars, statues, and low walls that you can visit on this Greek island. In a flash, you’ll be transported back in time.

To get to this remote destination, you’ll need to take a ferry ride from Mykonos. Unfortunately, you can’t stay on Delos, as there are no hotels or accommodations for tourists. Only archeologists and island caretakers get to sleep on this historical island.