HBO Max to Stream Doc About America’s Most Dangerous Water Park


HBO Max announced it had acquired the rights to the documentary Class Action Park. The film details the real-life “Action Park,” a summer attraction in Vernon, NJ that, for a length of time in the 70s and 80s, was known as the most-dangerous water park in America.

What Was Action Park?

The notorious attraction faced near-constant personal injury lawsuits because it had a reputation for poorly-designed rides. One was a loop-the-loop water slide that caused several guests to lose their teeth. And another that gained infamy was the alpine slide; a long, winding track that often caused guests to speed out of control and fall off the sides.

But with every story of personal injury, Action Park gained a more dedicated cult following. For some thrill-seekers, the potential to get hurt on a ride was part of its draw. Over the years, Action Park gained several tongue-in-cheek nicknames, including “Traction Park,” “Accident Park,” and “Class Action Park.”

But the novelty didn’t last forever. So, facing too many lawsuits to keep its gates open, the park closed permanently in 1996.

About the Documentary

Class Action Park features real-life footage from the notorious water park, as well as never-before-seen documents, recordings, and original animations. In the trailer, comedians like Johnny Knoxville, Jimmy Kimmel, and Chris Gethard discuss their own personal memories of the “death trap” of an amusement park.

Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max, says the documentary “brings feelings of nostalgia even if you didn’t grow up going to the infamous New Jersey amusement park.” She adds that “the insane stories of lawlessness and injury are an unbelievably wild ride.”

The doc is directed and produced by Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges. Liz DeCesare served as executive producer.

Check out the trailer below: