Most Awaited to Be Released Business Tech Products In 2020

2020 new tech

Let’s face it, technology has become an indispensable and crucial part of all types of businesses. We are living in a world where we cannot survive without technology. Just imagine our lives without the internet, computer, or telephone. We cannot survive a single day without technology

In the same way, technology is imperative for the survival of businesses. They are relying on technology more than ever. This is to help in promoting innovation and increasing competitive advantage. 

With the advancement in technology, it is getting challenging to keep up with the technology. There are hundreds of tech products that help in transforming modern office. These gadgets and tools will help businesses become more connected and productive. 

Are you wondering what business technology products your office should have? In this post, we have listed the latest business tech products. 

Brain Stimulators

One of the best tech products to get in 2020 is a brain stimulator. It is capable of changing the way you work. The Liftid Neurostimulation personal brain stimulator features transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). It will target certain spots in the brain that will enhance productivity and focus. 

Using this device is simple; all you have to do is wear it for 20 minutes. It will enable you to work efficiently as your focus will be increased. A great thing about this gadget is that you will not need stimulants, sugar, or caffeine. 

Desktop Hub 

Are you tired of tangled cords? We all know how frustrating it is to have tangled cords and not to forget the nightmare of untangling it. This is why you should invest in an organizer for the cords. The Twelve South StayGo USB-C Organizer Desktop Hub is perfect for providing additional cord length. 

Everyone knows the importance of hubs. The hub features an extra-long cable that will enable you to hide it away behind your computer or under your desk. The USB-C desktop hub comes with all the ports you need from 4K HDMI to micro SD. So, you can easily stay connected. 

Curved Monitors

Another tech product that you should have this year is a curved and quality monitor. This is a great way to improve your productivity. The HP Elite Display S340c curved monitor is a wonderful monitor that will help you become more efficient. You can turn the large monitor into a dual monitor. This will eliminate the need to look back and forth as you can view side by side on the same screen. 

Multi-Device Keyboards 

This year businesses can connect multiple devices to a keyboard. There are many companies working towards harnessing the power of Bluetooth for bringing keyboards that are capable of syncing and docking your tablets, laptops, and smartphones at the same time. You can easily respond to emails, reply back to texts, download apps, and much more. This will increase your productivity and efficiency. 

Make Every Device Touchscreen 

In 2020, you can easily transform your devices into a touchscreen. There are many companies like Anyractive and AirBar that are working on products that will make any device touchscreen through projection. This is a great product that will enhance interactivity in all tasks like video conferences and presentations.  

5G Network Internet Setup

In present times, 5G is gaining a lot of popularity as it offers super-fast upload and download speeds. The connection is more stable and offers more coverage. This will increase the productivity of the business as data can be transferred at a better speed. It will make collecting information easy as well.

To enjoy the benefits of the 5G network, you will need an internet setup like Linksys 5G Network Home Internet Setup. The setup features a modem, mesh gateway, hotspot, and outdoor router. All these devices work well with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. The modem and router will provide fast 5G signals and it will speed up the internet in your office. 


Now, you will not need a projection screen in your conference rooms for presentation. There are projectors that can play content on the wall or ceiling. Many projectors are available with a 360-degrees rotating lens like Fujifilm FP-Z5000 Short Throw Projector. 

This product offers 6 different viewing angles without compromising the brightness of the content. It is designed to make sure you don’t miss a detail. 

Portable SSD Hard Drive 

For keeping all your documents and files safe, you will need a portable SSD hard drive. Everybody knows the importance of SSD hard drive and there are many portable hard drives. To make sure your work doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, it is password encrypted. However, the SSD can be hacked. 

This is where Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD hard drive comes in handy. The best feature of this hard drive is a built-in fingerprint scanner. It will keep the hard drive locked unless you unlock it. This is perfect for keeping all your files safe and secure. 

Additionally, this hard drive is small and lightweight in size. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying it anywhere. The storage capacity of the hard drive is huge, you can store up to two terabytes of data. The writing and reading speed of the hard drive is fast. This enables you to have quick access to your files. 

Scanning Solutions

In today’s digital world, portability is an important feature of all products. In businesses, keeping a copy of all crucial documents is imperative. This is why you need a portable scanner. Many companies are producing pen or Wi-Fi scanners enabling you to make e-copies on the go. It will make you efficient as you will be able to make copies of all the documents within seconds. 

Comfortable Office Chairs

We all know how dreadful and tiring it is to be stuck in an uncomfortable chair throughout the day. Not only will it make you less productive but it will adversely affect your health. When you are sitting on an uncomfortable chair, you will be focused on finding the right sitting position rather than focusing on your work. 

There are numerous chairs that will allow you to sit for hours without sending shooting pains to your neck, shoulders, and back. Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair is one of the products that will help in increasing your productivity. You can sit on the chair for hours without any pain. The chair comes with unique TPE materials and conical shapes for providing the right comfort and supports your back needs. It also features a headrest that cradles your neck, shoulders, and head. 

Fingerprint Smart Lock

In present times, get rid of number pad locks and install fingerprint smart lock. There are plenty of smart locks available on the market, but the Kwikset Halo Touch fingerprint smart lock is a good option. 

The lock is small in size, yet, it offers big storage space. You can store up to 100 fingerprints and even delete any profile through the Kwikset app. Furthermore, the lock has a Wi-Fi connection, which makes it easy to communicate. The best feature is voice control through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

You can use this product in your offices and even at home. This product will be available in two styles to match all types of décor. Buy this product to keep your business safe and keep unauthorized personnel outside. 

HD Security Cameras 

Security is a critical aspect and a top priority of every business. To keep your business safe and secure, invest in Blue Indoor HD Security Camera. This an excellent product as you can not only view who is inside your building but also talk to them. 

The camera will store videos for 24 hours, so you can view them later on. This will allow you to know what is happening all the time. The camera features HD recording, even during the night. Moreover, the camera has a wide-angle field of view enabling you to see whatever is happening inside. 

The best feature of the camera is that it can be controlled by a mobile app. This makes it easy to manage the camera. 


Without a doubt, everyone knows that a router is a crucial element in every business. With a good router, you can make cross-network communication possible. This is a useful tool for giving traffic to the internet and other networks. It will connect all your gadgets at the office to the modem. 

In recent times, the routers are also evolving providing better connectivity, range, and speed. The routers will provide high-quality signals and make sure you are never disconnected. If you want to buy the best router for your business, no need to look further. Here is a list of best routers you can find in 2020

Therefore, technology has revolutionized how we do business. These tech products have novel approaches to enhance efficiency and productivity. Provide fresh air of breath to business by incorporating these tech products. Which products would you like to have in your office? Share your views with us in the comments below. 


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