Supreme Court Blocks House from Secrete Mueller Testimony


On Wednesday, the Supreme Court blocked the House of Representatives from accessing the secret grand jury testimony from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. The order overturned a federal appeals court ruling and supported the administration’s request to stop Democrats from accessing undisclosed details from the investigation until early summer.

It could be that the testimony will not be released until after November’s presidential election, which could bury the request should the Democrats lose control the House of Representatives.

Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, objected to the decision. “The House’s long-standing right to obtain grand jury information pursuant to the House’s impeachment power has now been upheld by the lower courts twice,” said Pelosi. “These rulings are supported by decades of precedent and should be permitted to proceed.”

The President is also being investigated for not releasing his personal financial records to a House inquiry. Last week, The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether Trump’s banks and accountants were required to respond to subpoenas to turn over financial records to House committees. Rulings on these issues will probably come down at the end of the Court’s session in June.