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China Imposes Sanctions on US Politicians

China has decided to retaliate against US sanctions for its treatment of minorities. In particular, Beijing has placed sanctions on Senators Marco...

Roger Stone’s Sentence Commuted by Trump

Roger Stone was a campaign adviser to Donald Trump during his 2016 election campaign. Because he lied about his activities in the...

Sony Buys $250 Million Stake in Epic Games

Sony announced it has bought a $250 million stake in Epic Games. The Japanese conglomerate will receive 1.4% interest in the video...

Former Fox Anchor Moves to CNBC

Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith will be moving to CNBC to host an evening news program. The move comes less than...

Trump Apparently Wanted to Sell Puerto Rico

In 2017, Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico. Nearly 3,000 residents died in the aftermath of the storm that took out electricity and...
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