Top 5 Best Selling Chocolate Bars of All-Time


America is still number one when it comes to delicious sweets. A recent look at the best-selling chocolate bars of all time showed that American brands beat out all the rest–even the Swiss! When it comes to chocolate, that’s no easy feat. Keep reading for the top five best-selling chocolates in candy history.

Snickers – Winner!

Snickers bars are the top-selling chocolate bar in both America and the world. It’s made of nougat, caramel, and peanuts, wrapped in milk chocolate. You can find Snickers in all sizes and varieties―they come in bite size, hand size, and jumbo size. You can also find Snickers ice cream, and Snickers dark chocolate. Even at a small-town rock climbing gym in France, Snickers is a popular post-climb snack. No wonder it is the king of all chocolate bars.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

There’s something about the combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate that is simply irresistible. Reese’s peanut butter cups may have started out as little patties of peanut butter and chocolate, but over the years, Hershey has also made Reese’s Pieces candy, bite-sized cups, and Reese’s ice cream. And thanks to the orange color of the wrapping, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without handfuls of these treats.


This Swiss chocolate bar is the unofficial sign that you’ve been to an airport. Instead of a conventional rectangle, Toblerone has a distinctive triangular shape. And they’re molded so you can break off bite-sized pieces for easy chewing. Like the candies above, Toblerone comes in a variety of sizes, from the two-piece hotel variety, to the jumbo Toblerone the size of a human arm!

Kit Kat

Kit Kat bars were originally made in York, England. Today, Nestlé distributes Kit Kat internationally, while Hershey owns the brand in the US. But nowhere is the Kit Kat more versatile than in Japan, where you can find over 200 different flavors for this chocolate wafer treat. Among the most bizarre flavors are edamame, baked potato, and hot Japanese chili.


Dove distributes chocolate bars, cakes, and ice cream all around the world, (though in the UK, India, and the Middle East, their products use the name Galaxy). Their chocolate bars make the list because they are so creamy and thick. And they’ve mastered the ad game, too. Their oddly sensual commercials make you want to run out and buy a box. If you’re looking for that extra kick of mouth-watering flavoring, try the caramel Dove bars.