Top 5 Luxury Travel Experiences


They say that money can’t buy happiness. That’s debatable. Because if luxury experiences make you happy, then money can indeed buy happiness. Below are the top 5 luxury travel experiences that anyone with expendable cash should try. You’ll have the privilege of seeing things that most people will never get to see in their lifetime and you’ll return with priceless memories.

Tour the Galapagos on the Silver Origin

The Galapagos should be on every science-lovers to-do list. This small group of islands is where Charles Darwin first made his observations on evolution that changed our entire belief system. Ideas about who we are and where we come from were torn down and rebuilt right there. Today, the Galapagos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best and most environmentally friendly way to visit these islands is on a cruise ship.

Silversea’s Silver Origin is a luxury cruise ship designed specifically for the Galapagos. It is a low carbon footprint, environmentally friendly vehicle that comes with a water purification system to decrease plastic bottle usage. In spite of the green concerns, you’ll still get 5-star treatment including butler service and Michelin quality cuisine. Trips start the summer of 2020!

Luxury Tiger Safaris in India

Tigers have made a comeback! Driven to the edge of extinction, conservation efforts in India have increased the tiger population by 33%. To get a chance to see one of these magnificent animals in their habitat, check out the Luxury Tiger Safari run by Ker & Downey. Spend 18 days taking in all the natural wonders of India along with cultural experiences in cities such as Delhi and Varanasi.

Adventure Life’s North Pole Cruise

Head to the top of the world on Adventure Life’s North Pole Cruise. You can choose to cruise up there or take a private jet. Enjoy whale watching and the Northern Lights, all in the comfort of a small, but luxurious cruise ship. There are even helicopter trips that you can take to scope out the landscape. To get to the North Pole will cost you though. A 13 day trip comes in at about $31,000.

Al Maha Resort in Dubai

Al Maha resort is located in the deserts of Dubai. It might be better to call this luxury resort an oasis. With stunning views of sand dunes and top of the line amenities and service, you can sit back and enjoy desert life amidst an array of daytime adventures punctuated by high-end cuisine. Not convinced? Head to Al Maha’s website to check out the offering. 

Botswana Glamping

Camping isn’t for everyone, but glamping is a completely different experience. For $8,400 per night, head to Botswana for a few pampered nights (or weeks). Your “tent” includes a fireplace and a reading nook. Plus, you can sign up for safari adventures in the Moremi Game Reserve next door. There’s also a private pool and gym if you’re looking for more modern forms of exercise.