Top Surf Destinations Outside the US


Everyone knows that Hawaii has the best surfing in the world. But are you looking to travel internationally with your surfboard? There are plenty of surf-worthy beaches all over the world, so keep reading to find out the top 5 destinations outside the United States.

Montanita Beach, Ecuador

Montanita is one one of Ecuador’s lesser-known beaches, located on the country’s west coast. But it’s relative obscurity means more surf for you! You can hog the waves as much as you want. The surf there is suitable for everyone, from beginners to pros. And at night, the beach town is transformed into party town. Meet surfers from all over the world who have also found this hidden gem.

Cloud Nine, Philippines

Head to Siargao Island in the Philippines to experience some of the most perfect surf conditions in Asia. The best time to go is between September and March. Just be sure to wear a surf helmet, as wipeouts can be pretty serious, especially for beginners. Getting there from the airport is cheap and the cost of living is also affordable. 

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Looking for some extreme surfing? Head to Puerto Escondido in Mexico. This beach has some of the most dangerous waves in the world. Warning: this isn’t a place for beginners. Even for pros, you’ll get to experience waves so powerful that the only way to describe them is “bone-breaking.”

Hossegor, France

Looking for consistent, hollow barrels? You’ll want to surf in Hossegor, France, also known as the surfing capital of Europe. This charming French town is located in the country’s southwest, where the water is turquoise and warm. But the allure of Hossegor can be permanent; many professional surfers have visited and chosen never to leave. Perhaps you’ll be one as well!

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

We saved the best for last. Jeffreys Bay in South Africa is the best place for surfing outside of Hawaii. If you’re looking for fast tubes where surf competitions are held, then book a ticket to Jeffreys Bay. After an exhilarating ride, experience the local seafood at a number of restaurants in the area. Keep in mind that this is a very popular place, so you’ll most likely see lots of other tourists and surfers.