Trump Signs Executive Order for Hispanic Prosperity


On Thursday, US President Trump signed an executive order to encourage Hispanic prosperity. The order establishes an advisory commission for improving access to economic and educational opportunity for Hispanics. To accomplish the goal, the commission will support school choice and promote private-public partnerships in Hispanic-American communities. During his Rose Garden remarks, Trump noted that one in three students attending charter schools is Hispanic.

To help his 2020 campaign, the President is attempting to increase support among Hispanics, since only 3 in 10 Hispanic voters supported him in 2016. To turn it around, he is rejecting allegations of racism and touting strong economic numbers for Hispanics prior to COVID-19.

But the Hispanic community is divided in two, those of Cuban descent who support Republicans and the rest who tend to support Democrats. They dislike Trump’s presidency for his restrictive approach to immigration. Many also object to Trump’s rhetoric on Mexico and Mexican immigrants as an example of xenophobic racism.

Another point of departure is the wealth gap between whites and minorities. For this reason, many Hispanics dislike the Republican Party’s economic policies that they believe favor the rich and harm the poor.

President Trump has always tried to gain support for his presidency by emphasizing economics. The COVID-19 recession has threatened the main selling point for his presidency, especially among minorities who have disproportionately suffered. Trump is looking to overcome these challenges with a new emphasis on Hispanic prosperity.

This recent push is not the first attempt by Republican leaders to move away from their reputation as the party of white men. Thus far, Republican outreach to minorities has not succeeded in attracting significant numbers of voters away from the Democrats.