Unnamed NFL Player Suing United Airlines


In what is a whacky development out of the NFL, an unnamed player is now suing United Airlines due to its failure to properly respond to complaints that the player was sexually harassed, violated and assaulted by a female passenger. The incident occurred on a flight back in February 2020 from Los Angeles International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. This is a civil suit that was filed earlier this week in a Los Angeles County Superior Court.

According to the filing, the player and another passenger in the same row made numerous complaints to flight attendants that the woman sitting in the same row as them was making unwanted sexual advances. She appeared to be intoxicated and was extremely disruptive. Complaints were made at several points throughout the flight with the violating passenger doing everything from; massaging their legs, to groping them, genital grabbing and removing protective face masks.

The disruptive passenger was eventually moved to the back of the plane. The unnamed NFL player and the other passenger are suiting United for their failure to enforce adequate policies and procedures for the prevention of in-flight sexual assault. The two men are seeking unspecified statutory and punitive damages from United Airlines.