US Intelligence Report Concludes that China has Faked its Covid-19 Numbers


According to reported data, the US now has the highest number of infections at 216,768 along with 5,148 deaths. This number is well above China’s reported infections (82,431) and deaths (3,322). However, a new report by the US intelligence community concludes that China’s official data downplays the nation’s crisis.

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that China’s numbers on deaths and infections were both false, that China has repeatedly changed its data collecting methodology. Asymptomatic infections, for example, were originally not included in the official numbers until last Tuesday, which resulted in a major distortion of data. Though asymptomatic people do not suffer the worst of the infection, they pass it on to others.

Many of those who work in Wuhan, China’s funeral industry claim that the government data cannot possibly be accurate.

China pushed back against the US allegations, depicting them as an attempt to shift the blame for America’s large number of infections. Clearly, the rivalry between China and the US is playing out during a time of global tragedy.


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