Woman Arrested for Allegedly Mailing Poison to the White House


The FBI has confirmed the arrest of a woman in connection to a poisonous letter sent to the White House. The letter, addressed specifically to President Donald Trump, contained ricin, which is highly toxic and can cause organ failure and death.

Border Arrest

A spokesperson for the FBI confirms the agency has arrested a female suspect who was trying to enter the United States from Canada. Federal law officials have taken the woman into custody after she attempted to cross over from Fort Erie, Ontario, into Buffalo, New York via the Peace Bridge. Agents for Customs and Border Protection have corroborated that they stopped her from entering the States. Still, authorities have not yet revealed the identity of the woman.

Poisonous Post

The FBI first announced that it was investigating a suspicious parcel addressed to the President on Saturday. Though it remains unclear from where the letter originated, the letter first raised alarms at an off-site facility that screens mail addressed to the White House. Later on, field and laboratory tests confirmed that the substance in the envelope was indeed poisonous ricin.

Furthermore, the suspect allegedly mailed other letters to federal prisons. It is unclear, however, who the recipients were. Still, officials say that the culprit only sent one letter to a political figure—President Trump.

The incident draws to mind the anthrax attacks of 2001. In those cases, five people died and 17 became ill from the dispersal of poisonous anthrax spores through the mail. Only a week after the 9/11 attacks, several media outlets and two Democratic senators received the toxic parcels. Authorities ultimately settled on Bruce Edward Ivins, a mentally ill federal employee, as the culprit in those matters.

But while the incidents are similar on the surface, the FBI has drawn no connection between the anthrax case and the recent incident.